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2011 - Volume 2 Issue 1
Casas Bonitas
Article: Jasmine Evaristo
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Nowadays, the word “bathroom” has become synonymous to “spa.” Throughout the evolution of home design and interior trends, the bathroom has been revolutionized from simply being a utilitarian space into an oasis in the home; a private space to reward oneself with serenity and rejuvenation through aquatic experiences that appease and awaken the senses.

    “An experienced interior designer can show their clients a wide variety of choices in fixtures and bathroom comfort systems”

Lori McQuaig,
LMC Design Group

El Paso Winnelson

Ferguson Supply

Morrison Supply

Home Products

In European countries, spa visits are determined to be so essential to the health of citizens that the expense is often covered by employers or directly by the state through insurance subsidies. Since that practice has yet to reach this side of the pond, spa visits remain a luxury with health benefits, and now homeowners are seeking to recreate that experience within the comforts of their humble abodes.

Homeowners are privy to the fact that luxury goes beyond just style; luxury has value. Consumers are now viewing their homes in new ways, committing to investing in private spaces that not only provide luxury and style, but possess longevity.

Today’s bathrooms supersede their practical use – it’s no longer about what their amenities do; it’s about how the space makes you feel. Modern bathroom experiences run the gamut from extra-deep soaking tubs to air baths, which allows one to completely immerse oneself in gently massaging bubbles. Several of the bathing technologies, such as whirlpool jets and chromatherapy – a branch of holistic healing that uses color to achieve optimal health – have advanced from destination spas into the home bath. The VibrAcoustic bath from Kohler creates an unparalleled experience sending ambient, sound-wave vibrations through the water, producing what may be the optimum in deep relaxation.

Homeowners with a preference for showers, chasing after something special are opting for customized showers that combine an array of showerheads and body sprays mounted on the walls and ceiling. And how’s this for luxury? There is even the option for electronic controls, allowing the user to preset sprays, temperature, music, steam and water use. The result is an exceptionally personalized therapeutic experience – the quintessential escape from the daily stresses of life.

Savvy, traveling homeowners are jotting down notes on products and features that grace the confines of lavish hotels, making every detail a potential for their bathroom wish list. If you walk into the right home bath, you just might see upholstered chaise lounges and elegant vessels sinks; and don’t be surprised to see cappuccino makers and mini-refrigerators installed right into bathroom walls or cabinets.

Bathroom acoustics will marry well with the installation of waterproof controls and speakers, bringing your personal playlist directly into the shower. Complete home theaters equipped with flat-panel displays and multi-channel sound systems are practically normal bathroom amenities in many private spaces. And wireless connectivity has gone above and beyond, delivering the pleasure of enjoying movies, music and web browsing while you bask in the tranquility of your bath.

Consider what it is you want for and from your private space. Whatever your budget allows for, implementing little laps of luxury to the bathroom can be the difference in function and experience. ///
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