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2011 - Volume 2 Issue 1
Casas Bonitas
Furniture & Accessories
Article: Jasmine Evaristo
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Furnishing a home is like breathing new life into a structured space. A homeowner’s personal touch transforms a house into a home, filling it with personality and character. Likening the designing of a home to assembling the perfect ice cream sundae, adding furnishings and accessories is the cherry on top – the final detail that brings the vision of a home into fruition.

    "If you want things of enormous scale, you have to have enormous furniture."

Jeannie Norris,
Jeannie Norris Interior Designs, LLC

Fran Timbrook

Copenhagen Furniture
Fleming Carlsen

Designs by L.L. Power
Lynda Power

Merely Art
Mary Villa

Persian Rug Gallery
Ebrahim Fadaienia

The Studio Design Center
Connie Hines
Decorating a home can be a truly rewarding experience, but in order to achieve the desired results, there are key factors to take into consideration. Remember that furniture is an investment. Thoughtful planning can help a homeowner make beneficial furnishing selections that meet the standards of your way of living and sense of style.

When looking at an empty space, design possibilities seem endless, but take the time to meditate on that space. Before making a furniture selection, determine the size of a space. The size of a room will dictate the furniture pieces that will be placed. Furniture should be arranged conducive to how it will be used. Where a homeowner places their furniture in a room sets the tone for how they will live in that room.

Size matters: evenly scaled furniture pieces are more serene when placed together, but a nice balance of pieces creates a harmonious atmosphere, utilizing the differing physical qualities of height, depth and width throughout the room. When furnishings are out of scale, the room is likely to feel uncomfortable and essentially, unlivable.

A symmetrical furniture arrangement can be very relaxing, while placing furniture asymmetrically can be used to add visual motion and excitement. For added visual interest, add varying furniture of varying characteristics in volume. If you are going for a serene, unchallenging area, keep the furnishing volumes of pieces in a room similar to one another. Consider each room individually. Each room serves its purpose and the furniture and décor in the room should enhance this.

Once you’ve considered how you want to use the furniture in a room, you’ll have to decide on a style that will reflect your personal taste and architectural style. When considering your décor, it is necessary to look closely at the architectural design of your living space. Be sure to design around architectural details like built-in cabinets or bookcases, which can add character to your home. Think about how some types of furnishings complement these details. Complementing design styles creates a peaceful ambiance, while placing more traditional and modern styles together can create a fantastic contrast.

Examine your existing pieces. Make note of your favorite pieces of furniture and what you like about them. Consider colors that appeal to you; artwork and family heirlooms that you want to blend with new furnishings; and plan for your furniture purchases.

Try before you buy. Quality is an element of furniture style. Purchasing a furniture piece inferior to your expected quality of comfort would not be worthwhile. Your family’s lifestyle is also a significant factor to consider when selecting furnishings.

Finally, when deciding what accessories to accent a particular space, consider their potential. The accessories may be utilitarian or displayed for aesthetic pleasure. Accessories may be integrated into the scheme to enhance a room’s decor, or they may function primarily as a point of interest. When used to its full potential, the accessory should bring balance and harmony to the room – that extra je ne sais quoi.

The opportunity to decorate will prove to be an exhilarating task when planning around the aforementioned details of furnishing a home. The final product will truly be a labor of love. ///
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