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2011 - Volume 2 Issue 1
Casas Bonitas
Art & Accessories
Article: Joe Burgess
Courtesy of Artist
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“I tend to lose myself totally in my work,” states artist Lisa Matta-Brown, “and occasionally step back and ask myself, ‘How did I do that?’ There is an energy that comes out of you that connects you to a deeper place. There I can convey my passion onto the canvas and allow the viewer to enjoy the end result.”

    Photo Captions

1.) "The Old Adobe Arch is a piece that carries a bit of Southwest charm."

2.) El Paso artist Lisa Matta-Brown paints a scene in a local park. "I love to paint plein air, and the resulting scene might end up being the Rio Grande Valley that stretches out in front of me or a hillside vineyard etched in my mind from a trip to Italy." Photo by artist Candy Mayer

3a.) Lisa Matta-Brown now paints murals on a panel or panels, as opposed to directly onto walls, allowing the work to be moved. This wood panel was cut to fit a space previously constructed above the fireplace and securely attached with Velcro®. Lisa painted the arch to resemble brick.

3b.) "Simply Roses makes me feel bright and cheerful."

4.) "Many of us will recognize Josefina’s Patio near the plaza in Mesilla, New Mexico."

5.) A scene from Tlaquepaque Market in Sedona, Arizona.

6.) A still life of Apples, Cherries and White Wine.

7.) The colorful Rio Grande Valley as it winds through Southern New Mexico and West Texas.

Lisa Matta-Brown
Lisa is an El Paso artist working out of her Santa Teresa studio. She is known for her luminous and richly-colored landscapes, missions and the still lifes that have captured her imagination. “Having twice visited Italy, I lean more toward Tuscan landscapes and vineyards. The warm tones from that part of the world seem to fit well with the Mediterranean and Southwest architectures utilized locally. I have the versatility, though, to work with any landscape, create portraits, still life images and create contemporary designs.”

“For murals, however, I have evolved from painting them directly onto walls to painting them on panels that can be moved to a different room or a different home. I have even developed a process of attaching mural panels, framed or unframed, using Velcro. Since my husband is a builder, we can design and attach panels for any particular situation. I also sell prints of my work to allow a more cost-effective means of decorating with art for those not ready to invest in originals.”

“I am not an interior designer, but for a commissioned work, I can certainly consult on the colors, on finding the focal point in the house for a particular painting and help create a vision of the work to be created.”

Lisa has been enrolled in art classes since the age of twelve, but her degree and early career was in computer programming. “The technical side of my brain helps me lay out the grids and proportions for a scene that I may have visualized with the creative side of my brain…well, it seems to work that way for me.

”She is a member of El Paso Plein-Air and also of El Paso Art Association. She has exhibited in numerous juried competitions and in local museums and venues. View her work at Designs by LL Power & Associates and The Art & Framing Gallery in El Paso and The Sundust Gallery in Mesa, AZ. ///
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