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Publisher / Editor
2011 - Volume 2 Issue 1
Ventanas Magazine
Publisher / Editor
Publisher: Bob Skolnick
Editor: Joe Burgess
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The Publisher

The decision to build a new custom home is the launching of a journey that provides a family with a beautiful home tailored specifically to their family’s lifestyle for now and in the future. The journey of design and construction is a process, while daunting at times, will give a complete understanding of the elements of a custom designed and built home. It will enlighten you to the features and operation of your new home, allowing using it to its full potential and expanding the enjoyment your family will get from your investment in money and time. Upon completion the satisfaction for the journey and the end results will provide a lifetime memory.

    Bob Skolnick
  Joe Burgess
There is a perception that designing a custom home and engaging a professional architect and interior designer is reserved for those who are affluent. Not true. The square footage and the purchased appliances and décor are relevant to the overall cost, but the quality of design and construction are common to any home. Designed and built right, a home will stand and serve families for generations. Technology in all areas of our lives is expanding in quantum leaps and the operation of a home is part of the technology growth. To this end, it is a wise person that consults with those whose business is to be trained with solid design principles, with practical design and build experience and whose profession requires them to stay current with trends and regulations. At the end of the day design professionals will save you money with their advice.

The Editor

The design issue of Ventanas magazine is packed full of great ideas and beautiful photography, as are all issues. For the Casas Bonitas (beautiful homes) section, you will learn the importance of professional design, from floor plans to accent lights. And yes, there are still beautiful custom homes being built, as our feature homes articles will attest.

The lifestyle section, Vida Buena, highlights a few of the weekend getaway and entertainment ideas we recommend. Once again, Ventanas has echoed the genius of artist Aleksander Titovets and offers a few health and beauty tips for the upcoming months.

The culinary expertise of Bob Skolnick, is shared in the form of recipes and photos provided in the ¡Comidas Sabrosas! (Savory Food!) section of the magazine. The recipes and the beer and wine suggestions are geared toward the the excitement of outdoor cooking. ///
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