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2011 - Volume 2 Issue 1
Vida Buena
Health & Wellness
Article: Jasmine Evaristo
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Full-time graduate student, Christine Mielke coined the term “temptalia” back in her teenage wonder years – alluding to a “perfect” woman who is “smart, sexy, confident and totally amazing.”

    An exploration of this blog can help any woman find the temptalia in them!
Named one of the top ten hottest beauty blogs by Women’s Wear Daily, is a beauty blog detailing the latest in beauty products and trends with informative reviews, makeup tutorials and tips all in a fun and engaging community. With easy navigation, this blog goes beyond the boundaries of beauty, providing ways to explore one’s own personal beauty in a web environment that fosters cosmetic curiosity.

What sets Temptalia apart from the plethora of websites of the same niche is Mielke’s charming conversational tone, and her willingness to be the guinea pig for the sake of beauty. Not only does she inform readers on what products to buy, but also how to apply them. She’s not just the face behind the blog, she’s the face of the blog – her “beauty battle-tested body” being the canvas to profile a variety of featured looks. ///
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