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Publisher - Bob Skolnick
2012 - Summer
Ventanas Magazine
Publisher: Bob Skolnick
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The Publisher

One of the great benefits of living in this region is the spectacular mountain and west mesa views from many of our homes. We orient our homes on their lots to take the best advantage of these views. We place our windows to capture them from our master bedrooms, our great rooms and our kitchens. We consider views when we are planning our outdoor living areas, the fireplaces and pits and the placement of our pools and spas. In fact, a great deal of the pleasure of one's home can be taking advantage of a scenic view. Our article on Pools with Views demonstrates just this premise. If your home does not have a view, then you can create your own outdoor paradise as Mark and Gayle Nash did with their in-town El Paso home. See our article on Al Fresco Living to see their home and outdoor living areas.

Bob Skolnick

Technology and energy efficiency has become a common place goal in our personal living environments. Our article, A Visionary Home, covers Stephenne Rhodes' home, and the energy management system she developed. She shows that you can tailor an energy system to your personal needs and living space. The pursuit of "Net Zero" energy use is obtainable whether you use a solar photo voltaic system alone or a combination of steps as Stephenne Rhodes has developed.

In the last several decades, our country has really focused on creative cooking and quality fresh foods. To sustain our passion for cooking at home we need the right tools and cooking equipment. In addition to great recipes and techniques learned watching the Cooking or Food channels, a serious home cook needs a serious cooking station. The type of components that comprise our cook tops now go well beyond just gas or electric. In this edition, our article In Hot Pursuit helps clarify a home cook's equipment options, particularly the advent of induction cooking.

All inclusive resorts are the basis of travel to the Mexican Riviera south of Cancún, also referred to as the Riviera Maya. At these resorts, you can enjoy great accommodations and cuisine from around the world. You can choose to be pampered at their spas, lounge at pools big enough to have their own zip codes or just sit on the white sand beaches of the Caribbean. Whatever your pleasure, you can have a special vacation at very affordable rates in Mexico's Riviera Maya. ///
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