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    Photo Captions:
    1.) Ardovino's Desert Crossing commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's final voyage.
    2.) Katherine Mena and Gilbert Lujan
    3.) String Quartet from El Paso Pro Musica
    4.) Marina and Robert Ardovino
    5.) Juan Carlos Franco gives first class treatment to Vicky Gutierrez.
    6.) Robert Ardovino with Victoria Gutierrez
    7.) Stephanie Baumann
    8.) First class service
    9.) An attentive wait-staff stand ready to serve.
  10.) Oyster hors d'oevres
  11.) Champagne flowed freely
  Ardovino's banquet hall set the scene for the evening with a grand stair case replica, porthole windows, and a live string quartet courtesy of El Paso ProMusica. Real artifacts from the actual Titanic voyage including life jackets, tableware, uniforms and toiletries were also on display. The 10-course menu was an exact duplication of the last meal served in first class and included such delicacies as oysters, poached salmon, roast duckling, and Waldorf pudding. Naturally, the tables were set to match, with each place setting boasting no less than 14 pieces of silverware! The entire evening was beautifully and authentically done; another example of the fine and classy events we have come to expect from Ardovino's Desert Crossing. ///
2012 - Summer Issue
Vida Buena
Out on the Town
Article: Jessica Muncrief
Photos: Jesse Ramirez
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In commemoration of the Titanic's infamous last voyage, Ardovino's Desert Crossing hosted a reenactment of the final first class dinner on board. In true Ardovino's style, all the stops were pulled out for a historically authentic and extremely classy event. Mirroring the formalities of the Titanic's era, all the servers were in full tuxedos complete with white gloves and each couple was seated personally at tables laden with the finest crystal and china. Guests were asked to wear period costumes or evening wear and everyone was dressed to impress. The ladies donned lace, feathers and extravagant headpieces and the gentlemen were in their formal best, with a few top hats and canes for good measure.

Robert and Marina Ardovino greeted the guests before turning it over to hostess Victoria Gutierrez, who was "channeling her inner Rose" with the dress and jewelry to match. She wore a gorgeous reproduction of the blue heart necklace made famous by the Titanic film. The stunning piece was donated by Randy Johnson of Johnson Jewelers and was the main prize in the evening's silent auction. Victoria got the evening started with a moment of silence for the 1,503 passengers and crew members who perished on the ship's last voyage and Linda Hinton of Louis Latour Winery introduced the meal's wine selections.
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