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Solar Community
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  Solar Community (El Paso)
  Sales Consultant - Oscar Martinez
  10517 Kinross Ave.
  El Paso, Texas 79925

  (915) 588-8324
  (877) 652-7674 (toll free)
  (888) 899-8854 (toll free)
  (512) 394-4914 (fax)


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  Mon-Fri: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
  Sat-Sun: by appointment

  • Clean, Renewable & Reliable Power
  • Reduce or Eliminate Bills
  • Increased Property Value
  • Exceptional Warranty & Durability
  • Nationwide Energy Independence

  • Protect the Environment

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Solar Community is a leading solar integrator and contractor with national coverage and delivery capabilities, that offers a better, simpler way to buy or lease solar energy systems. Solar Community and its 1500 certified installation partners across North America are dedicated to making solar power easy, convenient and affordable for everyone. There is never a better time to go solar and start saving than now!

Texas has a virtually unlimited solar energy supply, ranking first in the nation in solar resource potential, with high levels of direct solar radiation. This radiation is more than suitable to support large-scale solar power plants concentrated in West Texas, which has 75 percent more direct solar radiation than East Texas. This makes Texas an ideal location for utility-scale concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies, and extremely productive solar systems for homeowners alike. Texas also has some of the most aggressive utility rebate programs in the country for homeowners, builders, and commercial scale solar. Texas residents stand to save substantially due to such a varied collections of rebates offered.

Solar Community has the strongest, most affordable and most flexible solar purchase options in the industry. We offer a very customer-friendly Home Equity Loan with flexible payment terms from a 25-year fixed to an interest-only 10-year loan. We also offer a Solar Loan, ideal if you do not want to use the equity in your home to go solar. It is quick and easy to apply, and offers competitive, fixed interest rates, and low monthly payments without the risk of pre-payment penalties. Our Zero Down Payment option is the solar installation industry's most flexible option. You can benefit in the installation of a new solar system with no up-front costs after pre-qualification, low monthly lease payments and lower bills. Our Down Payment Plan allows you to choose how much you pre-pay to fit your own budget, and pay down a portion of the lease, resulting in even lower monthly payments.


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