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El Paso and Las Cruces residents appreciate great lifestyle resources. Here we offer recommendations on salons and spas offering beauty services and relaxation therapies. A healthy and fit body is equally important and both cities have an excellent selection of fitness centers and gyms. Fashion follows suit in the pursuit of an attractive appearance, so we highlight stores and boutiques featuring chic clothing, accessories and jewelry. A great lifestyle also includes travel and vacations. You'll find suggestions on nearby resorts and travel agencies ready to help you select the ideal destination or cruise.
Health & Wellness:
  Health & Wellness   Keep yourself in peak condition and improve your quality of life. Treat the onset of health problems by seeking out the services of these health & wellness professionals.  
Beauty & Day Spas:
  Beauty, Spas & Resorts   There are many options for obtaining and keeping a beautiful appearance. Anti-aging can be achieved with the help of spa treatments, makeovers or cosmetic surgery.  
Fitness & Exercise:
  Fitness & Exercise   Get in shape at gym & health clubs with trained fitness instructors and state of the art exercise equipment. Experience yoga or pilates for a sense of well-being.  
Travel & Leisure:
  Travel & Getaways   Information on getaway trips, cruise offerings, vacation packages and romantic resorts. Make the most of your travel plans by consulting a professional travel expert.  
Shopping & Style:
  Shopping & Stores   Clothing and jewelry boutiques are the ideal places to start making a fashion statement. Dress and accessorize in style with trendy handbags, shoes and apparel.  
Parties & Celebrations:
  Party & Event Planning   Plan your event at home, a banquet facility or a ballroom. Select a florist, caterer, music, invitations and décor – or let a party planner make all the arrangements for you.  
Our entertainment directory provides residents and visitors to Las Cruces, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas a convenient means of finding entertainment options within the region. Use the directory to find major concert venues, local theatrical and musical performances, area festivals or professional and college sport schedules. Within our directory you will also find information about area movie theaters, casinos & racetracks, amusement parks and a variety of nightlife opportunities. All events are subject to change without prior notice. Please contact the event promoter or venue directly for additional information.
Museums & Art Galleries:
  Museums & Art Galleries   From the visual arts and science to history and culture, the museums and art galleries in our area provide a means to develop an appreciation of our past, present and future.  
Films & Movie Theaters:
  Films & Movie Theaters   Modern multi-screen movie theater complexes are plentiful here. Get local showtimes, information and pricing for all of the top run feature films that play in this market.  
Performance Art & Concerts:
  Performance Art & Concerts   From award winning concert acts to successful Broadway musicals, the performing arts calendar for this region is replete with talented local and national performing artists.  
Spectator Sports & Athletics:
  Sports & Athletics   Spectator sports are abundant in the region. From professional baseball and soccer to college athletics at UTEP and NMSU. The Sun Bowl garners national attention annually.  
Casinos & Racetracks:
  Casinos & Racetracks   Enjoy a variety of gaming options from live & simulcast horse racing to Vegas-style table games and slot machines. Many casinos offer a full resort experience.  
Amusement Parks & Family Fun:
  Amusement Parks & Family Fun   Families with children have several amusement park opportunities available. From traditional thrill rides and games of chance to water park fun, miniature golf and more.  
Festivals & Annual Events:
  Festivals & Annual Events   This part of the country is rich in culture, food and traditions, so it's not surprising that festivals are such an important part of our lives. Here are some of the best in our area.  
Nightlife, Bars & Clubs:
  Nightlife, Bars & Clubs   Let us help you plan your night out by suggesting some of the best nightlife hotspots in the region. From night clubs and lounges to pubs and bars the choices are many.  
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